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US and Global Economics

YSC Academy

The tenth grade History class focuses on major events and themes in the modern era, especially colonization and the rise of global capitalism. Students will study the Renaissance and Reformation eras in Europe while examining how European exploration and conquest transformed the world. The invention of the printing press in 1450 is presented as a fulcrum upon which human history turned; printed books allowed for the rapid diffusion of ideas, leading to the Enlightenment and subsequent revolutions. Colonial America is examined in a global context, with international trade and commerce, technological innovations, and philosophical revelations leading toward the American Revolution in 1776 and French Revolution in 1789. The course continues into the 19th century to examine revolutions in Europe and the American Civil War. Students will study America’s growth as the world’s first democratic republic by examining primary source documents and attempting to piece together an understanding of our complicated and contradictory national history. Students will write several short essays to develop and practice the techniques of using historical evidence and examples to build support for a thesis that makes a clear and decisive argument about the past.

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US and Global Economics
Jan 29, 2016 YSC Academy
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